The Benefits Of A Home Office

The Benefits Of A Home Office

In Northern Ireland the number of people now working from home has vastly increased, many companies are now embracing a more flexible approach to allow employees to work from the comfort of their surroundings when possible. It makes sense, flexible hours lead to happier employees, and working from home means that companies can reduce their office space, saving money.


The changes in working conditions along with furlough and redundancies have also led to an increase in those becoming self-employed with their main working base being their own home.


What are the benefits of a home office?

More Flexibility


You can choose when you want to work if this is suitable for your employer. You can get to work earlier in the morning, take a longer break in the afternoon, then finish off your working day later on in the evening. You can set your hours, especially if you freelance. This enables you to achieve a great work-life balance, as you are much more flexible than with fixed working hours, which is especially appealing if you have children.

No Commuting Daily


The shorter the commuting distance, the faster you can get to work however, ditching the commute also helps you support your mental and physical health. The time savings can allow you to focus on priorities outside of work, such as getting extra sleep in the morning, spending more time with family, getting in a workout, or eating a healthy breakfast.


By cutting out your travel time you can make significant cost-savings per year totalling hundreds of pounds in fuel costs or public transport costs.


Fewer Distractions and Noise


You can locate your home office away from daily distractions such as the television, the kids, the dog, etc, and just focus on your work.


Coworkers can be a distraction by chatting to you when you are trying to concentrate, or you constantly hear the telephone ringing in the background. With your own home office, no one is there to distract you.


Dedicated Workspace for Motivation and Productivity


Home offices have proven to help with your work production mostly because natural lighting will boost your mood and help you get more work finished. That is why it is essential to use a room with a lot of light from the outside world.


Workspace Design


With a home office, you can design the layout and style of your office. Most offices are sterile with artificial lightning which can make it hard to focus. You can create your own productive space by making sure there is no clutter, plenty of natural light, it is the correct temperature for you, and it can be separate from your home. No more weekdays crammed into a grey cubicle desk.  All these aspects can be ticked off with one home office feature, a garden office room.


Why Choose A Garden Office For A Home Office in Northern Ireland?


The biggest plus for a home office in a garden room is the fact that your office space will be detached from your house (but not too far!). This creates an environment away from the hustle and bustle and keeps your work and home life separate.

More Space


A garden office room creates an additional room to your house or home extension as such without actually disrupting the build of your home.


Multiple Use


If your garden room is large you can use part of it as your home office and the other part for a hobby area or extra living space such as a reading nook or home gym. A garden room has the big advantage of having multiple uses over the years as lifestyle changes.


More professional


Rather than using the kitchen table, or squeezing a desk into the spare bedroom, a garden office offers a professional environment in which you can conduct meetings.


Less disruption


A garden office room can be built within a matter of weeks, should it be required because it does not require planning permission, unlike an extension. They can also be installed anywhere in the garden that you desire with minimal disturbance to your main home.


Cheaper than an extension


A garden office can be less expensive than a loft conversion because planning permission is not required, and your home will not have to be structurally strengthened to stand the weight of a converted loft, all of which can add up.


Adds value


A recent study has found that they can add a whopping £12,000 to the value of your home when used as a garden office. Paying that little extra for a garden office in Northern Ireland can give your property value a much-needed boost.



In short, garden rooms are perfect if you want a dedicated work environment that will also add more value and space to your home. If you are keen to find out more about how a garden office can transform your workspace contact us at Garden Office NI for more details.


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