Everything You Need To Know Before Building A Garden Home Office

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Once seen as a luxury purchase, the garden office pod is fast turning into the most sought-after item as more and more of the population move to working from home. With this shift in working habits many of us are seeking out ways to help maintain a good work-life balance and for those without the space to spare in their homes, a garden office can be the only way to create a productive office area. What do you need to know before you make that investment?

Do you require planning permission?

You do not require planning permission unless you live in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty or a conversation area.

As a rule of thumb always contact your planning office to double-check you meet all the criteria before building commences.

How much does a garden office pod cost?

As with any building, the size, location, and specification of a garden office will all affect what it will cost.  When buying your garden office ask what the price includes to make sure you have everything covered such as:

  •       Design
  •       Construction
  •       Insulation
  •       Building materials, including the roofing, plasterboard, etc.
  •       Windows and doors (check what type of glazing)
  •       Internal electrics, including sockets, lighting, phone connection, etc.
  •       Project management
  •       A guarantee


Prices can start anywhere from £5000 up to £20,000 depending on what the requirements are.

Can your garden office have electrics and water connected?

Whilst some office space does not require water, electricity is a must especially if you plan on heating the office space.

If you opt for a modular garden office, many incorporate all the cables for lighting, power, and heat within the structure, ready to be connected to the mains supply. An electrical connection between house and office is usually made with a cable, buried underground.

If you are incorporating a toilet, shower, or kitchen you will need to consider how you will get water to, and wastewater from, the garden office. You will be able to fit, and plumb sinks, WCs and showers into the mains water supply and sewerage system, this may require you to dig up some of the garden to lay down pipes so remember to factor this into the cost of the garden pod budget.

Do you have to insure your garden office pod?

It is worthwhile informing your house insurance company before work on their garden room starts. When you are having building work done, even a garden room, it nearly always increases the risk of damage to your property.

One of your first tasks, once your garden office is complete, is to insure it. Your home insurance provider may well say that a garden office is not covered by your current policy as it can be classed as an outbuilding. You can however find policies that cover this.

To protect the contents of your garden office you will require a separate insurance policy, typically garden office workers have business contents insurance or some type of commercial insurance package. That way computers and other electronic equipment would be covered.

If you have any more questions before you get started, please contact us and we will be happy to offer advice and assistance, with no obligation.

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