A Garden Room or Loft Conversion?

Garden Room or Loft Conversion

If you are thinking about expanding the home but the thought of the project is overwhelming, then you are not alone. In this article we will take into consideration a loft conversion or a garden office pod and how to choose which one would be more suitable for your needs.

These days, a loft conversion is not the only way to add more space and value to your home.

Loft Conversions

Once the popular choice when it came to expanding the home, over time, they have begun to fall away as the best way to add space. The main reasons for this are:

·       It does not add to square footage

When the attic of the home is converted it does not officially add any amount of square footage to the house. The attic is classified as storage space and this means that a loft conversion will not add value to your home.

·       Roof Height

Not every home has the roof height or pitch height to convert the attic into an extra room. If you need to lower the roof to convert the space this will be even more expensive as it will need to meet certain building regulations.

·       What happens next?

Most add on a loft conversion to suit children as a playroom for teenagers as an office/living area. Once the children grow up and move out the extra room does not get used. In theory, as it does not add value to your property, the extra space you once needed becomes wasted space.

·       Disruptive and messy

A loft conversion brings disruption to the home and schedule of the family. You will have to work around the builder’s schedule and be available if issues arise. Along with the construction comes a lot of mess inside the home. There will be plenty of dust, dirt, and more and a building project like this can lead to heightened symptoms of respiratory conditions.

Garden Rooms

Garden office pods are overtaking loft conversions for many reasons:

·       Planning Permission

In most cases planning permission is not required when adding a garden room to your home, unless in an area of outstanding natural beauty or high/size constrictions are in place. A garden room Is, therefore, less complicated to add, making it much more popular over the last year.

·       Selling your home

At some point, you may wish to sell your property. Research has proven that a garden office pod can add up to £12,000 in value to your home (Link Blog – can a garden office add value to your home?) An extra room via loft conversion can be a point of purchase for some but the square footage is not added to your home, whereas a garden room addition does directly add value to your property. 

·       The cost

A garden office pod can be less expensive than a loft conversion because planning permission is not required, and your home will not have to be structurally strengthened to stand the weight of a converted loft.

When carefully planned and designed, a garden room can be a beautiful way to expand the space in your home and used in several ways to fit in with your changing lifestyle needs.

View the different types of garden office pods we design and contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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